What is a Spiritual Partnership? Is it different than a marriage? Is it happily-ever-after?

First let’s look at what Spiritual Partnership is not intended to be:
  • A way to find someone that validate that we are loved
  • A way to prove a different outcome than past relationships
  • A way to fill a void we feel in ourselves
  • A way to fulfill a romantic story/dream
  • A way to feel comfortable
  • A way to partner with someone that likes everything we do
  • A way to support the self-made “ego structure”
When we first began studying and exploring Spiritual Partnership, many of those beliefs about partnership came up. Most of us grow up being told and believing that relationships should be chosen “to get along, to make each other feel loved, to do life with, etc.” It was confronting to look at how the belief that a partner should fill a  void or fulfill a dream was perhaps blocking our evolution with Spirit.
But as you’ll see below, the intention of a Spiritual Partnership is actually what we all truly seek (we might just not be aware of it).
Spiritual Partnership is intended to be:
  • A reminder of unconditional love to the world (unconditional love means to truly love without conditions–most of us have not experienced this kind of love).
  • For our Highest learning. This is important to explore. Our partnerships are for us to learn the most about ourselves, who we truly are and why we are here. These lessons, however, are often times confronting and uncomfortable. So if we choose to explore Spiritual Partnership, know that it will bring periods of discomfort into that relationship because it’s for our Highest learning.
  • A Spiritual Partnership is for the Spirit’s purposes. Each one is unique and has a purpose on the planet.
  • They are a “safe place” for the “human  stuff” to come up and be observed. Again, that’s going back to that they are for learning. So a Spiritual Partnership is that SAFE place that you both give each other permission and welcome the most vulnerable aspects of ourselves to be observed for the purposes of learning.
  • They are a space for healing–healing the self, healing wounds, healing pain on the planet.
  • They are a request for the Spirit to lead for the greater purpose. They are not “self-ego-directed,” but are consistently asking the Spirit for guidance.

What form do Spiritual Partnerships come in?
  • Spiritual Partnerships come in many forms: they can be family members, friends, business partners, lovers.
  • Any relationship in which the 2 have asked for it to be serving the Highest Learning for each.
  • Many believe that among the many diverse Spiritual Partnerships coming in many forms, there is often one partnership that serves the highest learning.
  • This partnership is often a life-partner, marriage, or union. These partners choose each other, still, for their Highest Learning.
  • When two people choose to be life-partners/married, it can often challenging to not change that relationship into one that “feeds the ego” because so many of us have had a story about what our romantic partnership should be like. But if that partnership is a request to be a Spiritual Partnership, then it will serve as a mirror for the greatest inner work we can do in or evolution.
So where do you begin in exploring Spiritual Partnership?
  • Ask Spirit to guide you in each moment
  • With your partner/friend/family, form a bond in supporting each other’s highest growth and learning.
  • As you expand in your Spirit connection, many relationships will reveal themselves to have a spiritual purpose.
  • Remember that if “conflict” comes up, that is the intention of what you asked for. Now, it’s how you respond to it that shows if you are embracing the Spiritual Partnership bond.
In the modern world, we can get distracted by the beliefs we see on social media, movies & stories. But no matter how complex life becomes, no matter how evolved technology changes life, we still crave our spiritual evolution. And Partnership is one of the greatest vehicles for that learning.
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