Turning Your Employee

Passions Into Company Profits

What are all companies looking to do?  Increase Profits!

Companies desire to create a lasting legacy and provide a product or service that helps society grow and creates employment opportunities.

What is it that all employees are looking for? To Increase Passion!

It is a natural human desire to want feel of value, contribute to something greater, and be fulfilled. We also have the basic need of earning an income.

So what should company leadership focus on? Passion or Profit? Well…BOTH!

To turn passion into profit,  you need to create a workplace environment of energy and engagement, where employees feel valued and connected! Offering your employees the opportunity to contribute to the legacy the company wishes to leave behind, creates lasting relationships that also help the bottom line.

As Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman has stated,

“Productivity in the short term isn’t everything, but in the long term it’s almost everything”.

You should care about productivity for two reasons. The first, and most obvious, is when an employee is highly effective with their time, you see a greater output in performance which directly affects the bottom line. But second, productivity directly links to an employee’s compensation – for better or for worse! Recognizing that an increase in income results in an increase in quality of life, is a huge driving factor.

The disheartening fact is that the US is in the slowest growth rate it has been since WWII at 1.1%

We can change that by answering this question:

“How does a company increase productivity to have people feel more fulfilled, earn more income and increase company profitability?”

1) Raise their employee internal value

“Money is a measure of one’s own internal value.” By implementing strategies that build employee’s belief in themselves, you will see a radical increase in enthusiasm, confidence and certainty. With a workplace environment that is based on these states, relationships will grow stronger. The communication between employees will be more effective which will lead to getting more done in the same or less amount of time.

Note: I had a hard time editing the section above because it’s got different ideas going on. You start with a quote talking about increasing income to increase internal value.  If we ran with that, we could throw back to the ‘increase in quality of life’ point, talk about high quality work as a reflection of themselves, having that build self-confidence, and how their work output results in tangible gains that supports what they value (whatever that may be- supporting a family, owning a home, or just a job well done etc.). On it’s own, that quote could be misconstrued as ‘more money=more internal value’ – which isn’t true for everyone.

After the quote you shift directions, and refer to strategies that build employee belief in themselves, but then don’t offer any. I think either scrap the quote, and provide a tangible strategy here that will result in the positive effects mentioned above, or keep the quote and focus more on explaining how it relates to building their internal value.

2) Help employees determine the activities to Delete, Delegate or Do Differently

There is a simple exercise that we take audiences through that gets massive results every time. First employees make a list of all the activities they do in a typical week. Then each activity gets evaluated as to whether it raised, lowered or kept neutral their energy level. The next step is to take the items that lowered their energy level and determine how to Delete, Delegate or Do that task differently! By focusing on and modifying their activities, employees take responsibility for constantly raising their energy level and state, resulting in a more productive and positive work environment.

3) Build employee belief in the vision of the company

How many employees clearly know the vision statement and direction of the company? Without that clarity, how can someone know the impact their work is having? Without that sense of purpose and direction, how productive can someone really be? Imagine rowing a boat in open water without knowing where you were headed. Soon it would feel pointless. Making sure employees understand and are committed to the greater company vision, increases the likelihood that they come to work eager to contribute to that vision.

The pathway to increased passion and profits is actually an ascending spiral. Recognize your employees’ need to be fulfilled, build their belief in the company vision to fulfill that need and motivate productivity, then increase that productivity through deleting the tasks that lower their energy, thus building a positive environment that supports the vision – and onward and upward!

We can’t think of a better mission than to help companies be more profitable though having their people be more fulfilled and earn more income. To create this type of workplace environment, bring us to your next corporate event.

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