Clever Investments

Clever Ways for Couples to Invest

We get asked this question about what are clever ways

for couples to invest, when people hear that we both

retired our corporate jobs at age 30.

We used to work as an engineer and a nurse. Now we travel and “work” from wherever

and whenever we want by supporting relationships to truly thrive.

It is a powerful question to ask, as we are all looking to create freedom in our lives.

We dive into this topic in the VLOG post below. Watch a few minutes of the video (we promise to make them entertaining),

and we’ll write a few tips below on clever ways for couples to invest and create your life by your own design.

In the area of money, we get to uncover what money actually is. Money is a resource, like many we have at our disposal, and a representation of value. This value is exchanged and circulated just like the flow of energy. Just as energy flows in the path of least resistance, so does money. As it pertains to our own circulation of money, it has more to do with the state that we are in. If we are in a beautiful state, we will attract more of it. If we are in a suffering state, money will be depleted.

  1. Invest into adventure

The first clever way to invest is into adventure. We now invest into traveling, into beach cruisers and into adventure activities for the state of play, fun and enjoyment that it gets us into. We even intentionally take breaks in the middle of the day to ride our bikes. This may seem like we are “doing” less in the realm of actions to produce income. Yet that is precisely what we are doing to get us into a higher vibration state that money can flow to and from.

2. Invest into yourself and your vision

There are many companies, businesses and ideas that can be invested into. The most important place with the highest returns, is investing into yourself and your vision. As it has been stated, money is a measure of internal value. So to experience more wealth you must invest into expanding and growing your value of yourself. The question becomes “what areas of myself do I invest in?” Great question. You want to invest into the areas that you feel are your unique gifts and those areas that make you feel alive and raise your energy. Even if these areas seem unrelated to “making money”, these are the areas that will produce the most financial abundance with the most ease.

For Jocelyn and I this turned out to be in public speaking, in building teams and in spiritual growth. All of these areas aligned with our vision of globally impacting relationships, support couples in the world to thrive and have us be known as the go to resource for marriage.

3. Invest into what feels good and you believe in

The last part of “clever ways for couples to invest” is to invest in the ideas, companies or startup business that feel good to you and that you believe in. This example has been used by great market investors like Jim Cramer. He talks about buying stock in companies that you love, that you use and that you believe in. Of course he encourages good fundamentals and guidance as well. This gives you a personal stake and enjoyment in the investment succeeding.

The part to expand on is that there will be the standard vehicles that advisors will recommend to you, like stocks.  (This does not include your family and friend “advisors”.) Ask yourself if investing into stocks, mutual funds or 401k’s actually feels good to you and you really believe in them. If you do not, do not circulate money into these vehicles as it will only be coming from an obligatory, fear and lack. No matter how good a company’s financials are, if you yourself invest from a state of lack and fear, your money will be gone the minute you transfer it. Follow the path of curiosity and what ideas, startups, vehicles and opportunities actually feel good to you. Ask yourself “What companies have a mission I believe in. If I were to lose my investment, would I feel good about what impact that made?”

Watch our brief & fun video where we talk more about investing as a couple.

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The Freemans

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