When the American Dream Feels

Like the American Nightmare


In your personal and business life, do you feel that you are living the

“American Dream”? For most, its more like the “American Nightmare”.

This country was founded on “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”; to have the freedom to be

expressed in our beliefs, be accepted and to pursue our dreams. Today the majority of people are overweight

(more people will die of overweight complications than of starvation), in debt, getting divorced, working

a job that does not fulfill them, just to pay for things that do not bring them happiness. So when did the

“American Dream” turn into the “American Nightmare”?

Even in the corporate world as a country, the productivity growth rate is the slowest that it has been in over 70 years at 1.1% Productivity is directly linked to the profitability of a company when its employees are more effective with their time. As well as when employees are more productive, they earn more and add to their quality of life.

Here are 3 reasons why the American Dream feels like the American Nightmare for most, and what to do to experience your real dreams!

1) This “American Dream” is the dream our grandparents had… time for an update.

The widely expected dream is one where you go to college to earn a degree, plan to work in that field for many years, get married, buy a house, have kids and then work that job to support your family. That may not be what you are designed for, aligned with or what you actually are living this life to do. So to fit yourself into any routine or life sequence that is not in alignment with who you truly are, is only ever going to have you experience resistance and conflict. This is a good thing to now however. When you do experience any resistance to a path that you are on in life, use that to guide you to another path.

2) The wars and subsequent industrial revolution is over…

The old American dream was great for a time when assembly lines were used to support our military. People needed to report to a station, not talk to their neighbor and just do their job because that is what was needed at the time. Today we are about providing value and experiencing contribution by using our unique abilities and living in our zone of genius. Discover what lights you up and you are truly gifted at and do more of that! This is no matter where its located  or how many hours you give to it each week.

3) The American dream was based on surviving, the new dream is based on thriving.

The time our grandparents got clear on what the “American Dream” meant to them, people were unsure about the economy, if another war was coming and overall just providing and surviving as a family and as a nation. You are now meant to THRIVE, to create, innovate and disrupt the old paradigms. You are not here just to earn a living to provide for a family and pay the bills. Its now about creating a legacy and shining your light from within as bright and as brilliantly as possible. Together we can be a nation and a people that express love, connection and purpose to the world!

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