Aligning Achievement

Do you want more money, to be intimate more frequently

and to experience a fulfilling relationship?

Of course you do. Growth is 1 of the 6 main human needs. Imagine that these results were even produced

with more ease, peace and in more abundance! That is what aligning achievement with fulfillment is all about. 

It’s not going to be through massive action however. It’s through your state and energetic vibration that you will

truly achieve these results in your life and be fulfilled in your relationship. Everything that takes physical form, including you,

is made up of quantum particles and energy packets that are vibrating with a particular frequency. Knowing how to use that frequency

together allows you to co-create your life and relationship.  As the author of your world, what story will you write?

Step 1: Clarity

The first step in aligning achievement with fulfillment is to gain clarity. To experience fulfillment you need to get clear on what it is you desire to achieve. This includes how you desire to feel when that result is achieved. The most effective way to get clarity on what you truly desire to is  give yourself 5 minutes each morning.

In these 5 minutes you just sit in the quiet with your eyes closed and begin to focus into your heart. Many other thoughts will arise in your mind. Practice just letting those float by, as if watching a movie. The goal is to become aware in these 5 minutes of what resonates in your heart, brings you joy and inspires you.

Step 2: Vibrational Signature

The second step in aligning achievement with fulfillment is creating your vibrational signature. From a quantum physics perspective we know that everything is made up sub-atomic particles that are just energy packets that are vibrating. Even Nicola Tesla found this to be the case and came to the conclusion that: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

After taking those 5 minutes in the morning of finding your clear desires, you will discover the feeling that clarity gives you. When you become aware of what desire truly resonates with you it will give you a feeling like excitement, joy, on fire, peace or being alive! This feeling is now your “vibrational signature”. This is the energy state associated with what you desire and your purpose.

Step 3: Match Up Your Internal State

The last step in aligning achievement with fulfillment is to match your internal energy state to that of your vibrational signature. Every day circumstances will come up that shift your internal energy state. However you are not a conditional being, your state is not run by the things that come up each day. The way in which the results you desire to achieve WILL happen in your life, will be by matching your internal state to your created vibrational signature from the morning.

The goal is to stay in this high vibrational state more often in your day. This will cause the people, resources and circumstances will show up even faster to produce your desired results in life. What is different in this state from those that just take massive action, is how you feel. Instead of feeling the weight and stress of hustling and forcing things to happen; these results will manifest faster while experiencing peace, joy, freedom, purpose and abundance.

We hope you loved this article and felt a shift in your belief around fulfilling your dreams as a couple.

That is all that we are really out to do. We love sharing this message and if you would like to bring us to speak live, tell us about the event here.

For more videos see our YouTube page. See you soon. Until then, remember you are the author of your life and relationship!

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